The Road Home

by Elizabeth

Run out of everything except the desire to see the back of your head again.
I was waiting, keeping vigil, for the day you came home.
And then... Well then waiting got old because I realized you weren't coming home.
Or rather- this isn't home for you anymore.
I tried to make you happy so you'd come back.
Or at least miss me.
But you left. Left us all in the wake of your departure
With gaping holes in our chests and smiles
Because since you left gravity just seems to bear down so much harder than before.
And I can't float on a dream you've taken with you.
Yet here you are again bringing up what I've been running from for months,
And I just can't do it.
I don't know what you want out of me but I just can't give it anymore.
You were walking away,
So keep walking.

Funny enough;
Didn't hear you were in town 'till you needed something.
I thought you'd come back for this suitcase of misery and antisocial behaviors you left behind,
But that was just me thinking better of you than you deserved.
You think leaving these behind is going to fix you?
You socially crippled, self-absorbed, Beautiful train wreck,
YOU are the problem.
YOU are keeping
yourself from happiness because
you refuse to come out of the universe
you've created where everything revolves around
And I thought being mad would make me feel better.
Thought if I hated you I would be happy again.
But I realize the only way to get my life back is to face the ugly truth and accept it.
Otherwise it can never be old news.
I wanted to love you. For a long time that is all I wanted.
I knew I couldn't make you feel the same, but I couldn't help myself.
Now I want to be able to say you wasted my time but then I'd be lying to myself.
And I learned from watching you just how badly that can turn out.
No, the truth is you wasted your own time,
And I value mine too much to spend any more of it on you.


Submission date : 2016-08-03
Last edit : 2016-08-16

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Mr Darcy ( F P C D ) at 2016-08-03

Hello Elizabeth,

this is a powerful piece of writing. A personal story of a journey, a hard undulating journey where paths cross and then veer off. In this journey the attempt is to keep these paths on the same track, but that is difficult when they are going to different destinations. As your poem concludes, sometimes those paths need to be trod by different people.

Well done, a good cathartic piece of writing. I hope it inspires others who are struggling too.

Take care,