Running through my veins

by Em

Another Monday morning
lying alone in my bed
thoughts of us together
running through my head.
It must be what you do to me;
as they are far from pure
can't wait to embrace you again,
your body's full of lure.
Your touch it's magical
your caressing's divine
I need you right now,
all night, please be mine.

Copyright: Em


Submission date : 2016-08-08

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Latest comments

Mr Darcy ( F P C D ) at 2016-08-08

Now, now Sir I hardly know thee.

deeplydesturbed ( F P C D ) at 2016-08-08

Lovely write about our night together Em ;)

a cute little piece and I know exactly how this feels :)

Em ( F P C D ) at 2016-08-08

Lol N not you too. I'm not sure there's enough to go around ;) xx

Brenda ( F P C D ) at 2016-08-09

Wow Em, you got everybody fighting over you-lol! As far as your write, I liked this a lot, good rhymes and sweetly put, totally know where you are at. As far as the rest of these ruffians, I got!

Em ( F P C D ) at 2016-08-09

Haha thanks Brenda

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