What does this mean?

by HisBlueEyedAngel

What does it mean when
you are afraid of love?
When you are afraid
of your heart breaking
once more?

The love I feel for you
is stronger than I have
felt before and it scares
me more than ever.

Sometimes I am afraid of the
world and all the other girls.
Sometimes I am afraid that
I will just be pushed away and
just another fling.

Sometimes I fear that my
world will change in a
split moment.

I am afraid of love but yet
I feel it so strong for you.
I am afraid of my heart breaking
again but yet my walls
feel down when you said you
loved me.

I tried to keep them up for
a long time to make sure
that I wouldn't hurt.

My heart is so vulnerable
and can break so easily.
I pray that I will
forever be yours.

I know that my heart is true
and that you are the one I want
I can only pray you feel the

Sometimes I wish I knew what
was going on in your head
and why you say the things
you do.

Sometimes I take things the wrong
way but that is only because I
am afraid.
I get jealous only because
I have had to be before.

I am afraid of other girls only
because I have had to be

I love you with all my heart.
I opened my heart to you
when I never thought I could
do it again.

I thought I could never
love again because of the
heartbreaks I have felt
and you somehow came in
and took it with no warning at all.


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