by K6

As I let loose
the ink from my timid brain and weary eyes.
The vivid nature of my sadness is
etched on paper written between the lines.
Beneath the smile,
the ambitious power of sight
and the gleaming face
that appears ecstatic and alive.
Lies a brazen soul that's lost it's path in life, aimlessly,
failing to find talent amongst the living.
I've lost touch in love
for the infidelities have numbed
the sensitivity of my exposed skin,
Countless moments wasted
trying to mend what's broken,
the harshness of the reality
that I've overcome through the
acceptance of what will never be mine.
You've underestimated
the limitations of this forgiving spirit.
Reopening past wounds
you've mistaken to succumb to the need of affection before it's own.
Left dry,
like the Saharan desert and the sun that forever burns my fantasies
like a dream upon waking.
Circumstances never subdued
my aspirations in life.
The world has kicked me
countless times,
but I've discovered ways of a better living
through the wretched cracks beyond healing.
The daunting road
will come to an end
like the autumn leaves
that fall off the tree,
tracing the dusk of something new.


Submission date : 2016-08-11

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