In his sleep

by Dado

Night sky deepest blue ,,
stars by the thousands failed to give the slightest glow ,,,
he closed his precious hazel doors to paradise ,,,
I silently gazed with the brightest twinkle in my eyes at what i could see of his angelic face ,,
as he surrendered into the arms of sleep ,,
my skin drenched in drops of sweat ,,,
i place my hand slightly curled in vain on the screen of my phone trying to make him feel my touch,,,
i try to sneak it behind his head make him rest all the pain away into my veins ,,,
he rolls in his sleep makes the slightest sounds and thats the light amid the darkness of where i lay ,,,
i start coloring the spaces of matter between us with the rainbow colors of his words ,,,
feel the caresses of his fingertips wiping the heat of his charms ,, he doses into the beauty of the night leaving me famished for the serenity of the sound of his voice ,,,


Submission date : 2016-08-13

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Mr Darcy ( F P C D ) at 2016-08-14


You have a wonderful turn of phrase. The first 3 lines are amazing and filled my head with vivid imagery.

Well done,