Could this be possible..

by Michael

The unexpected script
here I write
comes from an intense
delivery of a sensational

A captivating,
fanatical bite,
from what is said of
'Love at first sight.'

My mind submerged
with an unfamiliar
Overwhelmed with a
rush, of an unheard

My body, became infused
with a tantalising tingle,
which caused my heart
to throb, a phenomenal

Her face in the picture
glowed soft, a candle
which burned a perpetual flame.
Her words, tranquil when spoken,
and purred tenderly when they came.

A connection between two,
so profound
emotions travelled,
back and forth in passion

My feelings, my emotions
are strenuous
to atone...

Or have I spent
too much time


Submission date : 2016-08-21
Last edit : 2016-08-22

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Ashton at 2016-08-24

Thank you very neat poam.