Concrete is breakable too ...

by Dado

Something i bet you thought i never knew
A secret hiding deep inside of you
The smile so huge i see upon your face
Your eyes big and sparkling
And everything seems in place

The way you searched to find your road
Taking with you all of your life load
When days seemed long and nights were dark
When you laid awake touching scars that left a mark

Your head is a mess your soul does weep
But you got yourself always out of sleep
Your heart aches and your emotions so cold
Because of all the secrets you've never told

Full of nothingness and bitter tears
Made yourself stop feeling for so many years
Memories tangled beneath your skin
Hiding your shivering wreck deep within

Look in my eyes lay your head against mine
You lose your bet today and that is fine
I am here for you to cling on to
Cause darling concrete is breakable too

Your wife has come your heart wont ache
No more alone nights will you lay awake
The pain will stop as the memories cease
Their names wont hurt and the pain will ease

Just take my hand and we both will heal
Let me show you how true love feels
Need me with every ounce of your pride
Feel my presence right by your side

Its time for us to live its time for us to care
Close your eyes and never wonder where
There is something in us for both of us
There is something in us if we both can trust

I ll change your ways you ll change my life
And in a couple of years i will be your wife
Believe me when i say we got this right
You ll feel it that day when you see me in white


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