A Wonder without an Identity

by Latifmoubarak6

A Wonder without an Identity
A poem by : Abdel latif Moubarak ... Egypt
Translate by : Fawzy Al-Shalabi

A Wonder without an Identity
And the secret remains in your eyes a pearl
Expressing...everything which wasn't
So granted the heart a skater
And when the nights are narrowed us to live
Besieging us bundles of love sometimes
Trait of a thing... we aware ...and touch
Lives in vibrations of the lightening
A wonder without an identity
In the silence was the nectar
And sneakily blaspheming in the pulse was the fire
Holding light of the hope
Playing surviving melody
Explosion crown of the polluted sadness
In blood...with the tears
And still a pleasure there in your eyes
A fertile nursery...the salvage
To the failures of a catastrophe touch
Sensing you in my blood
Crevices of freshened emotions
To land of such a plant
From the pain of the crowd
An existence
Decanting the sense state
From dispersion of the memory


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