My Love, I Love You

by Soulful Ensemble

My love, I love you, I miss you
I think of you from day to night.
From night to day
I send kisses your way.

My love, I wish and yearn for you
In the night I feel so lonely
Wanting and wishing for you to hold me.

My love, I love you, I need you
I cannot wait to kiss you
I send these words to you in the night
Hoping for you to hear them right
Wanting your hand to hold me tight.

My love, I hear your voice
And In my mind I feel you here, so I rejoice
But I awake and have no choice
Realizing its just my own noise.

All alone at night, I lay
A silent hour lasts all day
Until tomorrow when you come this way
Then when I see you I'll be okay.

I love you and my love is true
For now I'll lay awake and think of you.


Submission date : 2016-09-09

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