I Want To Be

by Soulful Ensemble

I want to be your first hello,
Your last goodbye.
I want to be the one that never makes you cry
Who puts the blue in your big sky,
And leaves a sparkle in your eye.
I want to be your one true love
The one you think came from above.
The one who's always there to hold you
And the one who has always loved you.
I want to be the light in darkness
The one who is never heartless
And always loves you unconditionally
Because when we met I wanted you initially.
I want to be the one who fills your heart completely
And makes you smile sweetly
So that you lack nothing even briefly.
I want to be the one who brings you smiles
The one waiting as you walk the aisle
The one who'd walk for you a million miles
Or at least 13.1 meanwhile.
I want to be the one who's always on your side
Who wants you for his bride
Who works to make your laugh so wide.
Most of all I want to be your man
The one you trust because you can
And who will always keep you first in his plans.


Submission date : 2016-09-09

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Ben Pickard ( F P C D ) at 2016-09-23

A wonderful love poem that was a joy to read and the kind that there aren't enough of on this site.
Great stuff,