Reach for the Sky!

by Uppercase

I am mumbling those three forbidden words, in hopes you'll never hear them.
Some say the first step is acknowledging the truth, so let it be said.
They said if it was true to let it go, and now it's heating the air.
Never thought how much my words could make this one suffer;
so it's wise just to sit this one out in a painful silence.

No matter how much I hold my breath, the words always make their way out.
Here they are, written down to be witnessed, but intended to be unnoticed.
Slippery words that just force its way out of the heart and rolls off the tongue.
Am I still speaking to your mind, or am I finally starting to reach you on the inside?

The fact that these words have to be on paper is proof that you deserve better.
I'm happy that I'll never be enough, because there's no way I could fill that gap by myself.
I pray that I atrophy away from your thoughts, I don't plan on being remembered by anyone.


Submission date : 2016-09-10

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