Digital love

by Bighton

I gaze onto the screen of my phone
As if I'm directly looking in her eyes
My fingers have become my mouth
Punching swiftly words I only smile
To her reply as if she is there
In every syllable she sends to me in her messages
I hear this sweet digital voice in my mind
Even though I have never seen her
I feel this emotional attachment to her
I know every detail about her
For to her I am this open book
Into which she writes even her darkest of secretes
I am not sure if I fell in love with her beauty
Or her editing skills
For in every picture she sends me she stands a Monalisa
No scar, no blemish onto her even toned skin
At night alone in my bed
No female body that I'm cuddling
But my phone
As lovers in this digital frontier
We exchange sensual messages
We exchange pictures of our bodies
Making love not anatomically
But every rhythm follows the words on my phone
Feelings aroused by the pictures of our bodies that we exchange
Some termed it sexting
But how good is making love
If my missile finds nothing but my hands in my empty cold sheets
I sleep with my phone in my hand
Its funny how I wakewake upthe morning
To offer an apology
"Sorry I dropped dead onlineon-lineou were good last night"
I know with Nakai we are perfect digital lovers
Heading campus I don't even know the name of the
Girl who sits next to me in the bus
I say this flat "morning"
With my face on my phone talking to Nakai
At this year's varsities poetry slam
I finally met my Nakai
Mind boggled by the way she walks
Dazzled by the softness of her breasts as we hugged
Fell in love with the scent of her Colour me deodorant
Discovered she even has a dark spot on her cheek
That she edits off in every picture she sends
How beautiful was the sound of her voice
For a minute I didn't say a thing
But just stared in those hazel eyes
On the digital frontier my fingers speak eloquently
Punching every word like a firing a machine gun
Not even minding where my aim is
I finally uttered a silent "hie"
And we walk down the sidewalk
Footsteps by synchronised
Smiled like an idiot
For truly this felt better than the shared
Penned by Bighton Chinembiri


Submission date : 2016-09-13

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