Teach me to sing

by Jumaa maina

Teach me to sing

It's been the whistling wind,
The drenched seas;of tears
The beats of lonely years;
Teach me to sing
Teach me to preach;sing
To the beat;
Let the sands of time;
Wash away the pain;
Bring back my vows that drained;
Teach me the gain:
Teach me to sing;love
Love myself;Oh! lord
Let me feel the pot:like soot
Let ring to the bull
Like gladiator to sword!
Let my pitch be the reason;
Each counting seasons;winter autumn spring summer!
Let it feel like nail to hummer,
My life be new like a fallen peach
In my chilly:be a warmer,
Teach me to sing
Teach me to wear; ring
The beat of my soul.
Let me win;the Grammy
Let me meet your family
Let's make a darling; life
Let's face the daring;
Teach me to sing.
Teach me to sing:a song
Bout the new love.


Submission date : 2016-09-17

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