Unconditionally bae

by Jumaa maina

Unconditionally BAE

She's the call to my morning bliss;
A blossom so un-resistible,
To my night she's the perfect stranger;
Stranger; not known to my dreams.
She's the Cupid struck to my eye.
With the brusk touch;
She got to me so accidentally.
Filling my lone emotions;
With fantasy of a heroic future;
She's the rhythm; a beat; a song; that Is so new.
She's the feeling; got; filling a new diary.
She's the reason; got; to kill my old weary,
A burden,full of pain;boredom; and sole life;
She's the reason; got; a smile so sharp
And hope so bright.
That tomorrow; a new day; another future.


Submission date : 2016-09-17

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