The Moments of Poetry and Love

by Princealexander

There is no sweeter pain on Earth than one, which is Love's demon poison.
Entrust him with your soul and open door to heart - he's also angel, only fallen.
Makes feel dizzy, stronger than wine, this crazed sense of love struck magic potion.
Drink it up till it's over, drink to bottom of it, sunk your soul in the wave of emotions.
While in captivity, birds don't breed and if they do - it happens very rare.
But poet's misery please do not open cage, he finds his inspiration only there.
Last sip of tenderness, last breath of love, last line of verse...
Exhausted, cold and empty is my soul, lost in eternity of Universe.
No one appreciates breakups but yet they happen...
And they cause wounds of hearts, being very deadly weapon.
My love to you burns in a raging flame.
Confess in that alas would be a shame.
Because heart of yours is cold like stone,
And pride of mine can't tolerate to hear: "NO".
Absurdity of life in spite, through chaos of insanity abuse
The planet lights up by the sparkling moments of the truth,
Uniting life's beginning with the ones who's dead
By endless and immortal times connecting thread.
Well of my memory is filled with you amidst quite boring sad existance.
Reflection of your image I still see through separation distance.
In vain my mind tells me that useless is compassion...
My heart still speaks to you, in you it draws inspiration.
Man's tenderness is stingy on the words, rare are male tears, which have the taste of salt,
But heart of man is not, however, bound by the armor, made of steel, and not protected is from pain his soul.
When time and distance violate hearts closeness sensation,
It's difficult to find right words expressing loving and affection.
Time lines, globe covering in circles tight,
They guard their borders during day and night.
Like sentries on the duty, they are on patrol,
They separate our love by time and distance wall.
Let rain of love keep pouring - it's much better than the hail of hate.
Soul's desert it will into blooming garden turn in sudden change of fate.
While heart is pushing blood in veins, it's always braced for love, no matter will it bring: the joy or peril,
And how heart on Earth could feel - incapable to grasp in Heaven or in Hell, nor angel, neither devil.
Alas, with destiny no one can argue.
To some it's generous, for others there is no bargain.
Not fairly the fate awards us with love gift;
Those lucky ones get lots of it, unfortunate get grief.
Love is a mystery of two enchanted hearts.
They don't teach the laws of love in schools.
Love can not be explained by wisest of the smarts,
-When fell in love, they too become love's fools.
Melt my heart, thaw it of frost, bring me hope, which I've lost.


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