The walls of the heart

by Maybelyn

It's true that by today I have come to a realization
that what we have is no longer real.
At first it was crystal clear
Love was as tangible as an object near
but the walls of your heart pushes me back
the more I get close to you....
the less I feel connected.
It's like you purposely push me away and maybe...
its because of the past other women have laid
The scars of your heart.
I refuse to suffer because of their mistake
you should treat me better than this.
I don't deserve it!!
I sit here listening to a peaceful tune because my heart
"expected" you.
I guess that was my mistake for "expecting" more of you.

All I can really blame is myself for taking matter in my hand.
I pray to God that he cover me with his blood and in the name of jesus bind and curse the name of heartbreak that it will never happen to me or any of family members. That the next man that comes into my life and/or my sisters life is the one God has for us.

I pray God that you keep us close and that the devil can no longer get near us.

Please forgive me for my sin.


Your Child


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