When the Sun Goes Down on You

by Victor

Dawn has severed the ties of night, and as darkness fades into obscurity I watch as the early morning sunlight dances upon your skin

Shadows in silence casted imbue the room with a gentle brilliance

So elegant, your listless movements seem clashing with discernible regularities

The enclosed sepulchre for a beauty laid to rest

Her once dormant virtue arises, domineering sepulchre of Earth

Celestial body ascends with ethereal grandeur

In her covetous repose, perpetually flourishing

A short lived gaze toward an auroral chassis

Transparent allure, non au courant

Culminating impeccable in every delegated minutiae

Descending onward as the zenith of dusk approaches
Onset of twilight bathed in ambiguity grows near

Atmosphere sodden in gloaming, broad spectrum of luminescent rays evanescent
Latent now, the once coruscating star sits dormant

Empty I grow in its absence, focus shifts

Embracing the manifest luminous, she grows weary

Revolving always in delicate constellations
Constricted by her warm embrace, for always


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