I Dream of Days

by Soulful Ensemble

I dream of days
When we will lay together
After a walk in the sun
And feel the cool breeze
Like two beings in one.

I dream some mornings
But I lay awake
Pondering love, seeing your face
Seeking for comfort
Finding your trace.

I dream alone
But I feel you so near
Maybe I could touch you
If my dream was real
But then again, you never disappear.

I dream thoughts
And skies of blue
Sunny shores and long fields.
Looking for you
But only seeing me.
Kisses are whispered
I hope you feel me near.

I dream of days
Maybe long from now
But not far from tomorrow
Where the sky is blue
With hues of green and white
Like the colors you like.

I dream of us
In gardens draped with roses
In soft, sandy beaches
Looking at the stars at night
When the moon is bright
Where saying I love you always feels so right.

I dreamt of you
I pictured you smiling.
Now I'm awaking
The images are subsiding
But I'll carry you close
So they're never hiding.


Submission date : 2016-09-23

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