This is Geometry

by LapisLazuli

We exist at distant points, at opposite ends of the world.
What separates us is a bisector of oceans and mountains
and a diameter drawn from the ultimate pain of missing.
The distance has rendered us divided physically.
Now, we are cut so equally, into incomplete congruent halves.
Although we float over a plane of sad farewell,
know that within such expanse lays a midpoint
where all our jittery thoughts and feelings shall meet;
our love for each other.
It is a ray as well that would soon tread obstacles
until finally, helping us reach the endpoint of this all;
to be able to walk and smile together again.


Submission date : 2016-09-23

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Brenda ( F P C D ) at 2016-09-24

What a unique write- I loved the way you used Geometry to write this. Just lovely-