by Naughtymouse

It is effortless to love you.

The 2am conversations about
the universe and life
found their way under my skin,
saturated my bones
to the point when I breathe,
I can drink your spirit like nectar.

It is effortless to love you.

The good mornings and
goodnights have become
the cornerstone of the quilted
patch work of life, inside, I am
bursting with happiness,
I can't wait until my eyes
rise in a new day and
set on you once more.

It is effortless to love you.


Submission date : 2016-09-27
Last edit : 2016-09-27

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Latest comments

Em ( F P C D ) at 2016-09-27

Ben what a truly beautiful piece about that one special person.

I like the repetition as it sort of sets in stone how effortless it is love.


Ben Pickard ( F P C D ) at 2016-09-27

And it is effortless to read your poetry, old chap. Wonderful writing, truly.

Take care,


Golden anGel Rhapsodist ( F P C D ) at 2016-09-28

hmmm, this is tasteful write....butterflies are on my stomach .nice poem