It has found its new home.

by Purvi Gadia

You're a splendid blessing
of moments good and moments bad;
of breaths happy and sometimes sad.
A flawless blend you are of laughter and joy,
and you are all all mine; my darling darling boy.

I love you now like I've never done before
and I'll love you tomorrow for each eternity more.

My eyes gleam and my heart shines for you,
this attraction - a sharp pull,
this devotion is for you.

When you swing me in your loving heart,
my heart doesn't skip a beat;
it doesn't beat fast
instead, rests calmly in peace.

With your love, your warmth and each loving touch,
my heart glows, shines and breathes a little much.

It basks in you, it sways in your air,
it resides in you and rests in your care.
My heart is all yours,
I have none of it left for my own.
It's now safe inside you;
where it's found its new, loving home.

28 September 2016
3:10 pm


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