First Love

by Princealexander

First Love, which lives in each of two young lovers trembling heart,
Being glorified by Shakespear's tragic story of the hope and pain.
Its essence is immortal, it blooms like rose: again, again, again,
Its burning thrill shines in the world, by sin and evil teared apart.

Two bodies's gentle ardent languor merge, filled with elation
Turns satisfaction of the carnal instinct's intercourse
Into the sacred hymn of the eternal nature's cycle regeneration,
And into solemn ritual of celebrating life's rebirth.

As long as rises sun, heralding coming of the new day's light,
As long as moon brings spirit into the shadow pit of bottomless dark night,
- Oh earthly prose, I beg, please don't overthrow sentiment,
Performed by copulating naked souls Love's holy sacrament.


Submission date : 2016-09-27

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