More than One

by MaKiah

Trouble never felt so great
Or lasted this long
Senses touch and minds taste

If it wasn't common
It could be a beautiful song
Lyrics that has souls running

I take that back
I don't want no one
To feel our hearts track

But you
and him
Such a pity of sin
But this is just the type of mood I'm in

I wonder if Alice
would've dwelled
in the wonderment
if the option was two lovers
and she had fallen for both of them

See Cinderella might've considered
that shoe
knowing that one man might also
love too
and that the lands she seeks
he can make her see
just by conversation
let that wisdom dwindle with

a rude misconception
monogamy is the prize
and that three players are a crowd
that no one can capitalize
but as I lay beside him
and text you
I cant think of a single reason
that statement is true


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Sai Potharaju ( P ) at 2016-10-01

Good One...