Enough Walls

by MaKiah

I'm good at frontin' too
Good at fake smiles and polite
f**k yous

Yes I'm good at doing what I need
Yeah I'm like a poker face team
But I'm done with that routine

Done with
false promises
imaginary dreams

I want the real
I want to hear what I feel
I want to say I love him
And I don't want it to be pretend
I want to be more than lovers
And I got enough friends

I want to catch feelings
and have them thrown back
I want to miss you so much
Without you - instant mini heart attack

Like when I drop my phone
Or when you out and realize your
charger home
Or when you at work and raise your
I want them childish nicknames
Driving all the loners crazy
everytime we
Boo, hubby, wifey or just bae


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