Castle In The Sky

by Sweetdream

I'm building a castle in the sky,
It's made up of grandeur, sweat and tears.
It's not some mythical castle,
This one is going to be very real.

I've been building it for a while,
Though the blueprints are not done,
I've already spent countless hours,
I'll spend countless more, plus one.

I finally know how to get there,
Though I don't know where it will be,
I want to see it come true,
As much as I want to live in a dream.

Except my castle is empty,
It's halls hallowed with open space,
I have no idea who'll be there,
To enjoy all this magic we create.

So I'm waiting patiently,
Working on the parts that I can,
Polishing my gold bricks,
While killing time with my other hand.

I look at a stack of them,
Shinning and all handshaped,
I've bleed to make them all,
Yet would never ever complain.

I'd like to think you're out there,
Drafting and polishing too,
Planning to build your own castle,
Till you see me in your dream come true.

That's when it will happen,
When our dreams will transcend,
When we finally meet eachother,
Big dreamers working to this end,

We'll stack our glimmering bricks,
Together into a collaborative pile,
Then stand hand in hand,
Admiring them with glowing smiles.

Together we'll have enough,
When you add yours plus mine,
More than enough,
For our castle to easily reach the sky.


Submission date : 2016-09-30
Last edit : 2016-09-30

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