Just Your Forever Loving Mother!!!

by Kumar

There is always smile on her face, keeping millions of tears at bay,
She will always have an eye on you, no matter how far you stay.
There are no words to describe the sacrifices she everyday does,
And as humble as she is, she will live her life without any buzz.

No matter how broken, you are easily put to rest by her lullaby-
One look into her eyes, you'll realize Angels don't live in the sky.
They are here in a form more divine than any seen or unseen soul,
Her love has no boundaries,even if you take universe as a whole.

In a quest to conquer the word we all fly away yet she admires,
Deep inside that beautiful heart,your love is what she desires.
She will always say 'Go son,Conquer your dreams and do not bother'-
For I'm thankful and blessed to be 'Just Your Forever Loving Mother'.


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