Beneath Or Above The Skies!!!

by Kumar

When the journey started,it wasn't intended to last for so long,
I kept traveling everywhere,and now i don't know where i belong.
Many have come,may have gone and all the while i stood all alone,
All i wanted was a loving heart,the door to which was never shown.

In this vast wilderness of eternal darkness,i still journey through,
Not knowing whether this path one day will eventually lead me to you.
The weight of hopes and dreams,has slowed my journey over the years,
the road ahead gets more murkier,with eyes getting loaded with tears.

I feel like a captain of an abandoned ship,drifting along endlessly,
with waves of sadness pounding my broken heart,as i watch helplessly.
The journey will continue farther and father,for a soul always tries,
Someday eventually i will meet you,either 'Beneath Or Above The Skies'..


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