Paint on Me

by Golden anGel Rhapsodist

My life is blank and pale
Filled me now with your paint.

It's up to you if it's a scenery or under the sea
What important is, you paint the world with me.

Grasp a brush and make a stroke,
Of a wild animal hiding behind the oak,

Or the fishes into the crystal clear water of the falls,
Acrylic, oil pastel, or watercolor?
It's up to you if you use it all.

Your hand began to move,
Color it all with a groove,

I'm the canvas and you're my paint
And you will never hear any complaint.

Author's note:

All of my compositions are labor of love, hurt, and pain..
Originally made from my own Experiences.
A copyright not a copycat.



Submission date : 2016-10-04
Last edit : 2016-10-06

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Latest comments

Golden anGel Rhapsodist ( F P C D ) at 2016-10-05

Hello Mr. Dean,

thanks for the comment and for reading this. .
By the way congratulations for the win. .


Dean Kuch ( F C ) at 2016-10-05

You've managed to create a perfect poetic proclamation portraying pure, profound love, Gel.
The language you've used is eloquent, the feelings expressed--emotive.
Bravo, word weaver, well done...
~Dean Kuch

Em ( F P C D ) at 2016-10-06

Gel, this is a delicate piece and so unique that it pulls me in from start to finish.

Painted the world with someone is what I would like to do but I need to find that special someone.

All the best, Em

Autumn Breeze ( C D ) at 2016-10-08

Very nicely constructed with the nice flow of love. This is a different kind of write. Lot's of imaginary hidden inside which I am very expert to explore.

Nice work. I like the Author's footnote down there.

Golden anGel Rhapsodist ( F P C D ) at 2016-10-08

Thank you Augustus. lovey comment
footnotes are reminders...hahaha


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