by Wayne Gates

A Warm Embrace
Have you ever seen a stray dog watching you as you go by?
You watch him as he watches you.
When you reach out to him he runs back but still watches.
He wants you, he needs you, but he is afraid.
He has learned that to trust opens you up to being hurt.
I was once that stray dog.
I was alone and in need of care.
But I had been hurt by my past and was fearful.
You saw that in me and reached out to me.
But I didn't run.
I was afraid but let you touch me.
I was still afraid but wanted that touch so badly.
You were gentle and patient.
you embraced me and I felt that release.
A release from all that fear that I was hiding from.
Your embrace healed me.
To Karen DeCarli with all my love


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