True Love:

by Scott Cole

Good things come to all who wait
For rainbows always show up late,
And even a rock becomes a pearl
A hidden jewel just like you my girl.

It's truly a blessing to ever behold
For without it I'd be lost and cold,
Still it doesn't pale in comparison
For your beauty outshines the Sun.

Of all the twinkles there ever was
For which a song or wish was spun,
Like lighting bugs in a mason jar
In the nighttime sky you're my Star.

Like the draw of an oncoming wave
That enticing feeling we all crave,
As fun and laughter fill up the air
Only our two hearts could compare.

Among the Wonders of all mankind
There's seven that come to mind,
Incredible things time can't imitate
Now you my love are number eight.

The Milky Way is a worthy example
What you see is but a small sample,
It's full of splendor with zero mar
Out of this World just like you are.

Rings of Saturn; Moons of Jupiter
None of them would I ever prefer,
Though they can be seen for miles
Their still but a blur to your smile.

Blue waterfalls that slowly tumble
Red roses that's slightly jumbled,
White wines inhaled by me and you
Never take my breathe like you do.

A wet sandy beach with footprints
A romantic dinner with your Prince,
A two carat Diamond snug as a bug
For you my Wife; my one True Love.


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madouna at 2016-10-13

Good nice bless you