by Egba Terry Ottase

Your smiles are so beautiful.

Your love so incurable.
Your face so adorable.

I want to learn your smiles.
So bright, it lightens the day.
So powerful, it heals my pain.

You are an inspiration... Full of beauty, love and smiles.

Teach me how to be like You...

DEDICATED TO: R. E. (a special friend whose smiles inspired me to write this poem)


Submission date : 2016-10-12

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Milly Hayward ( F C D ) at 2016-10-13

What a beautiful tribute to someone you care very much for. The words brought a smile to my lips because I think anyone who has been or is in love would appreciate what you are trying to say because they would feel that way about a very special love. Milly x

Fires Fade ( F ) at 2016-10-13

I love this, a peom doesn't need to be long to have an impact on someone. It come from a place of love and thats all that matters. I hope the person you wrote this about sees the light in your eyes you have for them and appreciates it.