by Innocent chalera

In a room that's cold
The temperature tortures me
I get butchered but love it
Because I know
That expecting your embrace will be in vain
So I`d rather die alone
Create warm puffs of hot air and blow them on my freezing hands
Than get dragged down with your puns
My body resembles the fields in outer space
Goose bumps like rocks
A miserable face like that of a loner
Hands old from the cold
A brain being beaten with meta-cognition
With a heart that looks like it got plunged into a vampires cusp
Perhaps I long for your touch?
Perhaps I do
But why suffer in vain?
Why feed my pain?
Why put pressure on my brain
All these lives
Why should I think of you only?
What is the meaning of this submissiveness that my brain is showing?
It leaves me in ruins
What am I doing?
Why do you get me thinking everything is going to be alright?
I am broken inside yet I still live whole
But I am
Dying to break the walls
Perhaps if I die you`ll break the walls
For the foul smell of my heart may cause guilt in you
Or it wouldn't
He`d be there
And I'd look in spirit
As my corpse gets eaten by vultures
Indeed it is true
That great expectations make frustrated men
I think of my expectancy as a murder
Taking centuries to stop a bleeding heart
At the halt
You danced with a sad face
You never knew what you wanted
And if anything
It wasn't me, that's no surprise at all
You`d rather live a fairy tale of beauty and the beast
Than with me
A version of Romeo and Juliet with a happy ending
Tonight we`re fading
Gladly you`ll walk away like I didn't exist
Perhaps I did as a grim
I wretched born


Submission date : 2016-10-13

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Mr Darcy ( F P C D ) at 2016-10-14


I like the fomat, emphasising the pertinent sections, the words. This is a good use of structure and adds imagery and depth.

Well done,