by Cameo Newton

Minute after minute
I close my eyes
Just to relive the visions
My eyes closed
Listening to the
Fan spin on my ceiling

I asked you for your name
You tell me, I smile
I feel the joy
thats been hidden for awhile
I like the way you laugh
I Love the way you walk
The way your hips sway
The mesmerized jiggle of your ass
As you walk pass

We walking
While we talking
Its been for some time
So i ask for lunch
"Anyplace youll like to go
Just please let me know?"

As we hop to ihop
i noticed a sudden darkness
As you fade away
I hope i can see your face for the brighter days
Realizing that your just a dream
But damn you were the prettiest girl i ever seen

I fall asleep
Alarm wakes me up
Cum stains on my sheets
Asking myself why
Did i have to wake up?


Submission date : 2016-10-14

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