Dedicated to every girl in the world

by Hope Bound Heart

Treat her like shes more than you want.. more than you could ever dream.. and more than she thinks she is... like shes everything youve ever wanted.. make sure you speak to her sweeter and love her deeper be true and be kind shes more than just a girl... shes and angel without wings, shes the sweetest thing in the world, and is more precious than a thousand roses.. girls Never frown because you never know When someone is falling In love with your smile, let her know you care let her know by doing something special for her call her everynight just to make sure everthings alright and to remind her you still care..always wish her the sweetest dreams... when she cries let your shoulder be the first she rests her head upon, and cry with her, letting her know shes not alone, when she laughs let you be the first to hear her, when shes down help her laugh but most of all guys...when you tell her you love her let her see the tears in your eyes..................


Submission date : 2004-07-27
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Lil Ally Kat ( F P C D ) at 2008-06-10

Man this is da most SWEETEST poewm a guy could ever, and I mean EVER write for a girl!!! Its wonderful n beautiful!!! 10/10

maryann at 2008-10-05

Ur just being a cheeky boi ayy lool
good poem=]

Miranda ( P ) at 2011-08-01

Breath taking nice work

Miranda ( P ) at 2011-08-01

Breath taking nice work

The New Girl at 2011-12-06

This is amazing. You nailed it. I don't know a single girl wo wouldn't want a guy to treat her like this.

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