Falling In Love

by Korrie

It's hard for me to say this,
It's hard to put into words.
The way I feel about you,
Cuz I'm afraid of getting hurt.

I'm afraid that I'm falling for you,
My heart has hit the floor.
I hate to be without you,
It makes me want you more.

I love it when you hold me,
And look into my eyes.
I love to feel your body,
When it's pressed against mine.

I love to wake up next to you,
All curled up in your arms.
Where I know you'll keep me safe,
From any kind of harm.

Every time I'm with you,
There's a constant smile on my face.
The piece missing from my heart,
You have somehow replaced.

I want to tell you,
How I really feel.
But I find it hard to admit,
That this is all so real.

You know that I care about you,
But you don't know how much.
I find myself falling in love,
With someone I feel I can trust.

I don't want to scare you away,
I just wanted you to know.
The way I feel about you,
As it continues to grow.

Once again I am risking my heart,
In hopes that you feel the same.
But if you don't, let me know,
So I can deal with the pain.


Submission date : 2004-08-12

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Latest comments

shayna at 2004-08-19

i love yur poem it reminds me of how i feel with this certain guy but i only wish he would feel the same way.....anyways keep writin cuz i think yur talented! much luck!

Korrie ( F ) at 2004-08-19

Hey. Thanks for all the great comments. I wrote this for someone, but he didn't really say much about it after I gave it to him. Maybe someday he will catch on. I hope:)

Emily-xO at 2004-11-23

i really enjoyed this poem alot
:) keep up the good work

<3 emily

ps read my poemss and give me tips

~*Jessika*~ at 2005-03-24

poem is cute!!!!!!!

Beba at 2005-12-28

Yo, this poem is really cute. It sounds like the situation I'm in now.

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