Love You Forever Mom

by DMG

If you could just imagine
One more minute of passion
One more moment is all that I'm asking

Knowing that one day
God's gonna open up the gates
And take my mother away

And I dream of it
And wake myself up screaming
Cursed by the nightmare filled with demons

Hurts to know that I could be a better son
Did so much for me, but I haven't done none

But I can, and I'm willing to change
Play a better part, with this life as my stage
And when she leaves, there'll be a smile on her face
So I will let her go on a good page

All I care about is her happiness
And when the time comes, damn I'll sure miss

But that's what happens, it's inevitable
My perfect women is unforgettable

But as long as she knows that I love her so
The tears'll fall, but I'll have to let her go

These days are passing
Fast years fly by while we're dancing
Like the old days, old fashioned

And my love just keeps on growing
For my mother my heart keeps on flowing

And another day passes on by
And one more tear sheds from each eye

Because I know every minute now is sacred
So we need to make time the best we can make it

And let's stop arguing about what I'm doing
Let's take our time, rather than race through it

Because we don't have much of it left
So don't hurry it up to your final breath

We gotta take it slow
And I'll do the best I can to show
That before you go, I do care
Before the time comes that you gotta leave here
Mama, i'll meet you there.

When you pass on please smile down on
To give me faith, 'cuz I'll need it when you're gone

And every night while I sleep tears on my cheek
I'll remember every second, minute, day, and week

Year and so forth, every moment we spent
Together playing games, you were heaven sent

Every memory I have of you laughing and talking
Joking and walking, in the park that we walked in

Reminiscing of the hours that we used to stay
Having fun, mother and son, in the son we'd play
At the beach, but now those days have passed
And I'll think of the past where I'd found peace at last

At last I had, and I'll be missing you so bad
When you pass on mom I'll be so sad

So come join me while the music's on
And give me one last dance before you're gone.
I love you mom.


Submission date : 2004-10-25
Last edit : 2007-04-18

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Darlena ( F C ) at 2007-05-10


juicylips2kiss at 2007-05-12 sweet? u truely show how much you love your mother. i bet you she will love this poem when she reads it. it makes you feel the love 4 every1's mother that they have. its not even mother's day yet. but it will truley stand out on mother;s day!! check out my poems when u have a chance. thanks

Sofi ( F C ) at 2007-08-18

Really cute
love it
makes you think
how long do i have left with my mum
knowing we always argue
keep up the good work
5/5 xx

debra sandoval at 2008-03-12

I can't believe this is only at a 4.7 it had be balling so wonderful to know a man wrote something so deep and pure i hope u did give this to your mom .

Rachael at 2008-04-23

Wow this made me cry! but you did a very good job!

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