Love You Forever Mom: The Letter, The Dream

by DMG

My Letter to Her:

Dear mama, may I have this dance, please
I wish this moment could just stop and freeze
The perfect memory of us together
A memory of love, my mom, forever
Dance with me while the music's on
Give me one last dance before your gone
And when you pass I'll forever remember
This loving dance in your December
I'll cry tears mama, but I'll be fine
Let's make a toast, pour the wine
To the greatest mother a boy could dream
No greater other son and mother team
But when you leave to up above
I'll cry tears, tears of love
Tears of sadness, tears of joy
No matter the age, always your baby boy
You brought me here, and gave me birth
Love can't describe my feeling's worth
You read me stories, and raised me right
Tucked me in bed every night
Kissed my cheek, spoke three words
I'll never forget those words I heard
But one day all of this will change
But my love will always remain
You will leave, I will stay
I'll miss you till my dying day
But when my time comes to me
And I pass above you'll see
I'll be the best son to you
To make up for all I put you through
During life, I have wronged
To make it up, this I have longed
So come over here to me mom
And dance with me this final song

P.S. Mom, when you receive this
Come to me for a dance and kiss

My Dream of Her:

On the dance floor, mama come to me,
Music's playing for our dance, the finale
Before you leave, hold my hand, do a twirl
One last dance with my diamond and pearl
My hand on your waist, and my eyes close
Wish this moment stopped in time and just froze
But once the song ends you'll disappear
My dream will end, and you won't be here
If I could I'd stay asleep forever
Just so you and I could remain together
Don't worry about me when you pass
It'll be a lesson learned with life as my class
I'll manage mama, but I won't forget
I'll remember all you taught me, though I'll regret
Some things I did and some ways I acted
But by you mama, my life's been impacted
Everything I know between right and wrong
I thank you, so come dance this last song

My eyes open, the moon shines on
Damn, just a dream, she's gone

*Mom, I love you and I want you to know that I'll be the best son I can possibly be for you. I just want you to be happy, and I want to make the time we have here on this earth the best we can make it.*


Submission date : 2004-10-28
Last edit : 2007-04-18

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Escoffier ( P ) at 2007-07-03

Very good writing, I enjoyed reading your poem.

Cindy ( C ) at 2007-09-29

Wow..amazing poems.. i love it alot...very deep and heartfelt...very well written...great job~*~CIndy~*~

blue angel at 2007-10-09

Must have love your mum that much huh... the hairs of my hands were raising as i read through your poem... honestly and literally... lol

Ian ( F C ) at 2010-04-20

Awesome writing. i love this. really makes me think about my mom. haha

Alhaji Flo at 2013-01-11

Wow..amazing poems

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