Your More Then Just A Friend

by Ashlee

I Told You This Once,
Yes I'll Tell You Again.
You Mean The World To Me,
Your More Then A Friend.

No Matter What Happens,
I'll Always Be There.
Through Thick And Thin,
I'll Always Care.

I Try To Put In Words,
The Way You Make Me Feel Inside.
I'm Sorry I Can't Help The Way,
My Feelings Sometimes Hide.

My Feelings Haven't Changed,
At All From The Start.
I Love You More Then Anything,
With All Of My Heart.

I'll Make You A Promise,
If Your Promise Me Too.
That We'll Be Together Forever,
And Our Love Will Stay True.

My Love For You Is Ever Lasting,
Never Will It End.
Hopefully By Now You've Realized,
Your More Then Just A Friend.

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Hey this is really good nice work...come cheak out my page

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I really liked your was pretty much amazing*

REVS ( F P C ) at 2008-01-13

I love it!! omg its great

hallou at 2008-06-06

Loved it =D

Himalee ( P C ) at 2009-06-23


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