This Is Anything Except A Mistake

by Tiffany Marie

I loved him so much,
I decided that it was time,
To give him something,
Of a whole new kind.

I thought that I was too young,
But he reasurred me,
That he had loved me forever,
And he would never hurt me.

I trusted him,
And let him do what he wanted.
Now I got something new coming,
Something unwanted.

How could this be?
I am too young,
To have a child,
As quick as it sprung.

I never thought that this would happen,
At least not to me.
I thought that this only happened,
In shows on TV.

Now I know how they feel,
When they dont know what to do.
I want to be happy,
But that feeling is not true.

I will love this child,
No matter what,
I want to be its mother,

I am still in high school,
I need this time,
To be my own person,
And to take my time.

I dont know how to raise a kid,
I cant be a mom.
I havent even lived any of my life,
I havent even been to prom.

This is a win/lose situation,
There are going to be ups and downs.
We are going to start planing,
Start setting our grounds.

So, I have 9 months to think,
But no matter what,
I will have this child,
And with me he will live in our rut.

This was my creation,
That I can not fake.
This baby is many things,
But not a mistake.

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Marcie ( F P ) at 2006-10-07

Wow. I am in the same situation

great job

thegirlyoulovetohate at 2006-10-27

Wow. this poem really struck a chord. it's really really touching. 5/5. ;)

mami at 2006-11-02

Girl...i love your poem... i got pregnant at 14 and now im 16 and my daughter is the best that ever hapened to me. its not easy but its not impossible.... weather the guy is around ornot... the baby is goin to have you no matter what.....

Caitlin Shires at 2006-12-26

Tiffany this was a really good and kinda sad poem at the same time. I really liked this poem

patsy watson at 2007-04-07

Omg that poem is great it hit my heart coz thats wot happened to me

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