True Love...

by Kumar

To love someone in our life is a wish,
wishing to have that someone is selfish,
Selfishness is never called true love,
true love is destined to fly like the dove.

If your love is true,her thought is enough,
to keep you happy even when life gets tough,
don't use these words in love-hurt and hate,
b'coz our wishes are not written in our fate.

Don't try to question the love you have inside,
love is a gateway for god's to come and reside,
love is not all about the fear,but it's a tear,
even there is something beautiful about that tear.

True love is a mountain that is hard to scale,
true love in our life is a never ending tale,
smile that you got to feel love in your life,
don't try to kill that feeling with the knife.

True love is a feeling that will never die,
if you try to kill,that's when you start to cry,
when you let the true love in your heart to live,
you'll realize the amount of happiness it can give.

you,me,everyone can feel the feelings of love,
but only few are blessed from the lord above,
to succeed in what is called the final frontier,
if u fail,don't worry first love will always remain dear.


Submission date : 2004-12-11
Last edit : 2007-04-12

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Breaking Through © ( F C D ) at 2004-12-13

Very nice, my friend. Your writing seems to be getting better.. if that's at all possible!? lol. Anyway, wonderful job. Take care! =)

♥Maybeth© ( F P C ) at 2004-12-13

Hey Kumar ! Awesome Poem, and gr8 job on this one .. Thanks for ur comment on my last poem .. and thank you for sayin I come up with good titles .. lol.. thats teh first tiem I've ever heard that .. but yea I love ur new poems they're really good ! Keep up ur awesome work ... ! Cant wait to read more ..
Maybeth =D

carissa at 2004-12-18

thats very true i love ur poem ur have alot of talent
do me a favor and check out some of my poems im a beginner and not really that experienced

megha ( F P C D ) at 2004-12-18

"To love someone in our life is a wish,
wishing to have that someone is selfish,"

very true!!!! great poem!!! :-)

GreenEyesGurla ( F P C D ) at 2004-12-19

I'm feeling this poem sooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!
real good poem... dag... keep it all up!!!

take care and god bless you


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