Bed Of Blood

by Kayla

He needed her kiss
She longed for his touch
He wanted to hold her
Thats not asking for much

So distant they were
But so close were their hearts
The feelings they felt made up
For their time spent apart

They spoke every day
But the lonely nights got longer
All the wrong words said
Only made the love grow stronger

People told her it was not real
They told her it wouldnt last
But she knew he truly loved her
She could not put him in the past

She called him late one night
But he never answered the phone
He was always there for her before
Why had he left her alone?

She tried to call him back
As thoughts ran through her mind
She was afraid he was with someone else
She did not want him to leave her behind

The next day he did not call
Knowing he had treated her wrong
Thinking of what he did the night before
Left him depressed all day long

She sat there crying in the dark
As he did the same so many miles away
He picked up the phone and dialed four numbers
Before he realized he had nothing to say

Three long days passed
They still had not spoken
She was more scared than she had ever been
And her fragile heart was broken

He knew what he must do
He had to tell her the mistake he made
Despite the fear of what he could lose
He dialed the number and the phone rang

It shocked her when she heard the ring
She hesitated before she answered
And when he told her he slept with another girl
The tears fell faster

She wanted to hang up right then
But she listened to him apologize
She tried to make out his words
Through the sobs and sad cries

She couldnt forgive him at the moment
She simply said "alright" and left him there
He stayed on the line long after she left
Then he grabbed his car keys and ran down the stairs

She lay in her bed
Clinging tight to the sheets
She did not even move
She just wanted to weep

He drove farther and farther
Miles from his hometown
He just wanted to take her in his arms
He had to get to her somehow

He drove as fast as he could
Did not care about the traffic
Then out of nowhere
Thats where the crash happened

She did not sleep at all that night
She couldnt stand the pain
Before she began to take a shower
The phone started to ring

She did not know who it was
But she ran to the receiver
She thought at first it was him
Instead it was her mother

She could tell her mom had been crying
When she told her to turn to channel two
The phone fell down hard on the floor
When she saw what was on the news

The funeral was tragic
She had not seen him in two years
Seeing him lying in the casket
Is what brought all the tears

Old memories started to flood back to her
Most were good but some were bad
Thats when she realized
He was all she ever had

"He was only eighteen," she heard them say
"He had so much to give."
She wished so hard that it could have been her
She wished he would have lived

The thing that hurt her the most
Is that he was almost at her home
She kept thinking he might have survived
If only she had known

After the funeral the police came to her house
And handed her a letter
It was an apology from him to her
Saying that he would make this all better

It was the sweetest thing she ever read
And it brought more tears than ever
She read it over and over again
A tear falling with every single letter

It said how they would spend their life together
Get married and have a family
It said how much he loved her
And how he promised to make her happy

She went home that day
And just sat alone on her bed
Reading his words again and again
Repeating them in her head

She took out her scrapbook
And looked at their old pictures
Her heart filled with pain
Knowing that he was not with her

She grabbed a pen and a notebook
And began writing a letter
When she finished she folded it up
And bowed her head with a prayer

She went into the kitchen
And found the sharpest knife
She had made her decision
She gave up her life

It was not because she wanted to die
She just wanted to see him again
And as she took her last lonely breath
She was thinking of him

They found her on the bed of blood
With his letter in one hand and hers in the other
They saw his picture lying on her heart
And knew they were finally together

i love you, jody!!!


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Kenny ( F P C D ) at 2007-10-01

Nice poem! Love It!!

Khanyisile Cele at 2007-10-17

This is a very sad poem. It got me crying.

Tati at 2007-11-23


Mia at 2008-01-09

Wow... is that enough to express my thoughts and feelings? i guess not, but I'm speechless

Composed Catastrophe ( F P C D ) at 2008-11-24

The last stanza is a sadistic twist! she died but its ok kind of thing idk i love how you did that though : )
great job long poem but i didn't even notice till i had to scroll back up to the top ! you made it flow nicely i hope it isn't true thought : / that would be sad
5/5 of course!

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