A Kiss in the Rain

by Matthew

A Kiss in the Rain

We step out of the car and into the street
You can hear it hit softly, like the patter of little feet

It's such a magical time, like sunset on the ocean
We're caught in its spell, and we move in slow motion

I move in close, with my hands on her waist
I take it slow, no rush, no haste

The rain slowly falls and the full moon shines
She slides her arms around my neck, and says your mine

The rain picks up and it soaks our hair
But our eyes are focused, we have no cares

I whisper in her ear, I love you my dear
You will always be smiling, you have no use for tears

I will love you forever, is my vow to you
You are my heavenly dove, may it always be true

She smiles at me, with joy and bliss
My lips meet hers, and in the rain we kiss

The rain itself, dances all around
As I kiss my sweetheart, without a sound

The rain glides through the air and I hold her tight
It's like the angels are crying, such a beautiful sight

Her tongue touches mine and its ecstasy
A kiss in the rain sets my emotions free

She pulls my lower lip and it takes its toll
My whole body tingles, like I've lost control

As the rain falls down I just can't believe
That I need her to move, to think, to breathe

I take a step back and I look in her eyes
She tells me she loves me and my heart just flies

If you believe perfection simply isn't real
Kiss your love in the rain, and I promise you'll feel

Many things in this world can wash away pain
But none of them compare, to kiss in the rain

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Hina at 2008-05-27

As the rain falls down I just can't believe
That I need her to move, to think, to breathe:
this line has the power to take one back in time to his/her first kiss. exceptionally brilliant!!

Abena at 2009-10-12

I love it. Well written and it conveys such strong emotions.

Zvetty at 2010-01-11

You drifted me back to my past ... soo true feelings soo ture !!
you made me cry missing those moments ?

Adreamer ( F P C D ) at 2014-12-07

I love this piece. You captured the scene perfectly and it was wonderful beyond belief in how detailed it was. Great piece. even with the basic rhyme scheme and oddly styled stanzas (seem a bit simple for something so breathtaking)

Trish at 2016-10-14

I have read this a few times and can only say wow amazing

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