They never knew

by Nickie

As they were growing up they had it all. Best friends forever and never did they fall.

People always thought they were the perfect 2.One sweet girl and one boy that never made her blue.

They were best friends forever. Forever until the end.

They told each other all their secrets there was nothing they had to hide. They always helped each other out and never hurt the other ones pride.

But there was a secret that was kept so long. A secret that might tear their wonderful friendship apart if the secret was told wrong.

They both felt it inside but neither of them ever knew. They both loved each other more than anything in the world no matter how many awful things they went through.

Well they were seniors in high school everything was going great. The prom was coming up and just as friends they were going as each others date.

As the night finally came they had such a blast. But as soon as they knew it, the prom was in the past.

As they walked her up the steps of her home. He told her she looked beautiful tonight and that they'd always be best friends and she'd never have to face anything alone.

As she opened the door the tears started to fall. She whispered to herself I love him so much and without him I'm nothing at all.

The boy started to drive down the road eager to get away. He regretted not telling her that he loved her but he just didn't know what to say.

As he was turning a corner a car was coming to fast. The boys car was hit and he wasn't sure if he was going to last.

He woke up in the hospital with his best friend by his side. She told him he was her best friend and without him she'd die.

He could see the painful tears form in her eye. He looked up at her and said everything will be OK, please don't cry.

Finally with enough courage, the boy knew he wasn't going to make it. He came out with the truth because he just couldn't fake it.

There's something I need to tell you. Something I've been hiding since about our 2nd grade year. I love you as more than my best friend. She could see a tear. I've always loved you and I always will. You're the best thing that's ever happened to me and always will be still.

As the girl began to cry she confessed her love to him. I've loved you since I was just a little kid. I never dared to tell you afraid you didn't feel the same. I thought you just wanted to be friends. Friends until the end. But the truth is I wanted to be more than just your best friend.

The boy grabbed her hand and said everything will be OK. The boys eyes closed as he slowly drifted away.

From his very last breath this is what she heard. You're more than my best friend. I love you baby girl.

The girl started to lose it. Her best friend, and the love her of her life was gone. She didn't know why it had to happen like this. Was it because they both waited so long?

Always tell someone you love them because hearts are often broken by words left unspoken.

Please vote and comment! it would mean a lot to me. This took me about 30 minutes to write...and it's NOT true story. it came from the heart because what i'm saying about telling people you love them is true.


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ateRachie ( P ) at 2008-08-06

This poem is brilliantly amazing. Very true.

i want 2 live in a fairytale ( F C ) at 2008-11-28

its justt amazinggggg
and u r right about the unspoken wordss
keep it up


Mariiia ( F D ) at 2011-01-02

I luv it...rite now ii am about too tell the person i love dat ii love him wit all my heart.. tnxxs.

Emily at 2012-03-13

That was a very well written poem....good job!!:)

Emily at 2012-03-13

That was a very well written poem....good job!!:)

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