Someone else

by MissSideways

Our song is softly playing
alone again, i cry
i feel so very small
below this endless sky

i watched u smiling at her
the way you smiled at me
her hand inside of yours
just like mine used to be

You hold her with such passion
and kiss her pretty lips
the way you used to hold me
and grasp me by the hips

that used to be my hand
that you would softly stroke
with undivided attention
every time I spoke

You whisper in her ear
and give her love so fine
the sparkle in her eyes
just like it was in mine

but still i let u go
and yes it breaks my heart
to stand alone without you
it tears my world apart

I'm sorry that i hurt you
but baby you're my life
i thought wed be forever
and one day be your wife

i wish that i could hold you
just LOOK you in the face
but now another sweetheart
is standing in my place

Watching how u love her
and how she loves you too
its way too much to handle
to know i once had you...


Submission date : 2005-05-13
Last edit : 2007-04-22

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jazmin at 2007-05-07

Yey that as great!!! u made tearz come out my eyes!!! im so going through that right now right now!!!! it hurts to read it because its so true!!!! i wish he would take me back!!!! but love doesnt alwayz last forever.... but its probably not even love.... i am only 17

DontMissYou ( F P C ) at 2007-07-10

Aww.. really beautiful poem! i love ur poems!

Ava Milan ( P ) at 2007-09-14

Fantastic x

unsolvdRubiXcube at 2008-05-12

Really awesome poem. i love your work

Mariiia ( F D ) at 2011-01-15

Awwww ii love it. this is what i am going thru lossing someone i love with all my heart & i wish i can get him back but now he is with someone else. really great job.

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