Young Teen Mother

by Jodi

It happened on that one faithful night..
I was 14 you 15 we thought it was right..

We rang in the new year, as we did many times before,but little did we know what fate had in store..

Months had went by..the shame grew to great, it was time to tell our parents my monthly friend was late..

The fear I felt when I seen my mothers eyes as she yelled at him "YOU STAY BY HER SIDE"

And stay by my side he promised to do...
But soon I would realize I would need my walking shoes..

Endless nights of worry would he ever come home..
Endless nights of wondering is he just moving on...

He told me he loved me over and over again, I would eventually learn he meant as friends...

Many plans he would make that would not include me..
He must of been ashamed that I was a mother-to-be..

I carried our son till the day he was born..a child turn woman and now Ive been scorned..

As I look at my son and first held his hand..I wondered how could his father be such a man..

He promised he'd be there..
He promised he'd help out..
But I was the one who would go without

Who would pay for the choices we make, not him, it was I that had sacrfices to take..

I missed my prom, my schooling, my friends and now Iam left with a broken heart to mend..

Being a young parent is hard as can be..but being alone is harder you see..

Years have gone by, my son now a young man..and when asked I say yes I would do it all over again..

Again if it meant a few years to wait..

Again if it meant less sacrifices to take.

Again if the love that was meant was true..

Again if it meant there was still you..

I have taught my son to love one and all, and to never let a friend take a harsh fall...

And if ever he finds himself in my shoes, follow your heart,..a child is something you dont want to lose..

This is my true story my son is know 11 Please comment and rate if you like Thank You.


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michael ( F ) at 2008-05-22

That poem was absolutly amasing i hope he can read it one day it would meen so much im sure it was very touching i could feel it in my stomach 5/5 keep it up your child is so lucky to have you

~!~ Mar!ah ~!~ at 2008-06-21

⥠ThAT Is a GuD PoEm BeCauSE It iS So TrUe... HoW YoU ThinK He Is GONna be TheRe BuT TuRns HIs BaCk... I LoVe tHe WaY yoUr poEM iS ReaLiTy AND NoT MaKe BeLiEvE â¥

FragilexHeartx ( P ) at 2008-07-14

OMG I cried!!!
This is REALLY good. And hey, I think that you raising your son alone is very brave! I really admire that. GREAT poem!!!!!

rachel at 2008-10-25

Wow im 15 n i just had a baby 3 weeks ago.. this same thing happend to me except its a baby girl. this poem makes me wanna cry

Jay Kamwetu at 2012-02-20


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