Silent Thoughts

by Elvira

A simple thought of you and I'm gone again,
Just thinking about your sweet face.
Wishing I could touch your body,
While giving you kisses all over the place.

I'd caress your back,
As you stare into my eyes.
The thought of you here next to me,
Puts my body in a rise.

Your hands all over my skin,
While your tongue traces my lips.
The feeling begins to intensify,
As you move just past my hips.

I imagine you inside of me,
And I let out a slight moan.
The thought of you making love to me,
Begins to set the tone.

Slower in the beginning,
I want to feel your every thrust.
Your kissing my neck now,
As you touch me on my bust.

I run my fingers through your hair,
As you breathe into my ear.
I bite down on my lower lip,
Just wishing you were here.

You pick up the pace now,
And I begin to lose control.
I imagine your face looking down at me,
As the ecstasy takes its toll.

You rub my face with your hands,
And softly kiss me on my cheek.
You can tell just by my smile,
How much the thought of you makes me weak.

I take a breath and open my eyes,
Only to be reminded you're in a different place.
But a simple thought of you and I'm gone again,
Just thinking about your sweet face...


Submission date : 2005-07-25
Last edit : 2007-05-08

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.:*BrokenSmile*:. ( F P C ) at 2005-07-27

o0o0o0o such lovely words... i really enjoyed reading this poem! great job! and i hope to read more excellent poems by you!

Laura ( F P C D ) at 2005-07-27

Amazing. Keep up the great work.
If you have a chance checkout some of mine and let me know what you think.