Galvanizing touch

by Eraklis

I could only dream about you
The way you look and how you feel
What it would be if I held you
How unbelievably surreal

My heart is through the paces
Of this roller coaster fling
The ups and downs unyielding
As I soar beneath your wing

You've sent me instant romance
When I wake and in my sleep
A private land so intiment
Our souls holding on so deep

With every rush theres waiting
For the hour to begin
When I feel you deep inside
Underneath my skin

A whisper creates the doorway
A smile beyond all bliss
The tension lasts a lifetime
Before your cyber kiss

The waiting is the hardest part
When your patience stands the test
Ready to throw it all away
Just to put your heart to rest

When everything is spinning
And you feel like fading away
Before you open up to someone
That swears to never betray

Moments like this are fragile
An unwritten story that might grow
If you want to dream forever
My love I will always show


Submission date : 2005-07-26
Last edit : 2007-06-10

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MezKenzie ( F P C D ) at 2005-12-07

Hey another beautiful poem keep it up!:)

Squire Andy McWeirdo ( F P C D ) at 2006-01-22

Hey. This is another great poem. Beautiful, touching and emotive. How do you do it??? Once again the flow is brilliant. Superb!


Missunderstood at 2006-06-24

I like so much
this poem so intense i feel your passion for this girl. Excellenteeeeee

markus at 2006-09-06

Such a beautiful poem , good write your talent shines the way great" this cyber love" poem i read it on that other site and checked if you were on here an dwell here ya are--cant wait to read more M

blue angel at 2007-10-13

Nice one!

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