WHat yOu truly arE tO mE..

by -v-neE-

* It is indeed quite long,but please read it !! if you don't mind,do give some comments,i really want to improve myself..*please and thank you !!

My boyfriend and I,
Had this small argument,
And we didn't want to admit defeat,
So we both just get hurt..

And one day,I say...

Since we had come this far,
So let me end this fight,
Now,see clearly and read my lips,
Don't let it out from your sight.

Just wanted you to know,
That I never seriously like you,
No,not even once,
It's true,that's how I feel..

Another thing is that,
You've never once crossed my mind,
I know I sounded cold,
But it is indeed,not a lie..

If one day,you had to leave,
And ask if i would cry,
I'll straight away give you a "NO",
And followed by a sigh..

If I were to pick,
Between my life and you,
I'll tell you,it'll be "my life",
Cause that's how i really feel..

By the time I reached here,
You broke down in tears,
You think I was lying,
For all these years...

Then I continued....

Indeed it is a fact,
That I never really like you,
Don't worry,my dear,
Cause "love",is what i actually do..

I really cant deny,
That you've never crossed my mind,
Cause the truth is,
That you're always kept inside..

If you were to leave,
And really wish that i would cry,
I'm sorry,i won't,
Cause' I'm not willing to say goodbye..

If I were to pick,
I definitely won't pick you,
Cause you "are" my life,
Believe me, it's true..

So this is how I truly feel,
And I hope that this fight can end,
I really want to be your lover,
Instead of your ordinary friend..



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ILoveYou ( F P C D ) at 2007-08-01

Great poem

Hillary ( C ) at 2007-12-30

I like it its so sweet! U kept us on da edge of our seats wondering wat u were goin 2 say! Thats wat real poetry is about!

love ( F P C D ) at 2008-01-18

That was a very good poem. I loved it. I thought something totally different than what you were going for!! Nice turn!!


Empty One at 2008-11-13

I love it!

olanrewaju at 2015-06-29

It touching

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