All pretend..

by BECCA lessTHANthree

Im glad that it ended…
Before anything was really there…
Im glad that it ended..
Before I started to care..

When I said that I loved you..
From now till the end..
I was just being nice..
It was all pretend

Your not that cute..
And I wasn’t that happy..
And that song u wrote me..
I hate it.. its crappy..

You don’t make me smile..
Yes.. I lied to my freinds..
I was just being nice..
It was all pretend..

&& The way you looked
When you looked in my eyes..
Wasn’t special to me..
And it doesn’t now make me cry..

And I didn’t really care about..
The notes you would send..
I said It to be nice..
It was really all pretend..

&& everything we had..
was really nothing at all
I don’t care that’s its over..
Your not worth the fall..

&& remember on the phone
When we talked from dark till light
Well, I don’t remember it at all..
;; it was just another stupid night

and when you held me close..
and let me cry in your shirt
it didn’t help at all..
I still thought you were dirt

And the night that you kissed me
Under the star lit sky
And told me that youd love me
Until the day you die;;

it didn't really faze me..
I never wanted a boyfriend..
Everything we ever had..
To me was just pretend..

And when I said I was okay…
That since you left I haven’t cried..
I was trying to sound strong..
But the truth is.. I lied =(


Submission date : 2005-10-10
Last edit : 2006-11-14

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Katie Bennett ( F P C D ) at 2005-10-12!! so cute! i give this 100! lol. this is so true and cute1

[[Kristen]] And my Wasted heart ( F P ) at 2005-10-13

I love it! truly amazing just liek all of ur others...I can really relate to it..good job 5/5

Katie Bennett ( F P C D ) at 2005-11-09

I knew that end was coming. but beautiful poem!

Dutchess at 2007-10-08

Oh my. this fits my situation perfectly. thanks for writing this poem.

jojo ( F P C D ) at 2008-03-22

Good job 5/5!

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