The Drunk Driver

by TinyDancer46

She was drinking at a party
On a raging New Year's Eve
She had to be home early
She knew she had to leave

"Honey do you need a ride"
Her boyfriend sweetly said
She just smiled back at him
And quickly shook her head

"I've got to leave right now
So I'll just take my car...
But don't you worry, sweetheart
Cause I won't drive too far"

Unaware she'd been drinking,
He watched her drive away
She knew that this was wrong
But she did it anyway

"I only had a couple drinks
I know that I'll survive"
She kept saying in her head
As she went for this short drive

The alcohol took over her
She wasn't thinking straight
She assumed that there was no one
Who'd be driving out this late

She ran all of the stop lights
As she sped along the road
Never thinking of the pain
This night would soon behold

But out of nowhere, came a car
She screamed as headlights flashed
She flew out of the windshield
As both of their cars crashed

She woke up laying on the ground
Sirens screaming in the night
She was bleeding quite a bit
But she knew she'd be alright

With dread, she saw the other car
That had rolled down the hill
She knew this was her fault
As she started feeling ill

But when she saw the body
Tears started falling down
As she looked down to find
Her dead boyfriend on the ground


Submission date : 2005-12-12
Last edit : 2007-06-17

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Latest comments

Dancer95 at 2012-02-24

The ending just hit me w/a full bag of chills O.O this made me cry :'(

tainted melody ( F P C D ) at 2012-03-01

This was amazing and it flowed beautifully with such emotion...but just a recommendation...if your poems become to depressing people might stop reading them because they don't want to always read the sad story. But as you know I love all of your stuff :)

Peter Daniels at 2012-03-31

O.M.G. !! A beautifully written poem, but such a tragic tale. Stirring emotions. Well done.!!!

allex0r at 2014-10-31

Beautiful but tragic ;(

Michael Latsky at 2015-11-07

Sometimes we have to write sad stories but keep yourself centered in love otherwise you could grow mad I guess

sad at the end but good read

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